1953-1962 General Motors NOS Alternator Pulley GM # 1949357 Early


This new old stock alterator pulley ( Driven- on alterator ) was manufactured by General Motors for use on the following models:

This pulley is the same dimmention as 1949357, is stamped 7 and is it an early type 1949357. keyway appears in parts books first in 1962

Chevrolet 1953-1954 Pass,

Chevrolet 1955-1957 Pass (lo speed driving) except

Chevrolet 1960-1961 Pass with 35 Amp. L.C.I. except H/Per., Sp. H/Per.,

Chevrolet 1960-1961 Pass with 60 Amp. AC gen except H/Per., Sp. H/Per.,

Chevrolet 1962 Pass with 35 Amp. L.C.I.,

Pontiac 1961-1962 T/8  – part book does not call out a groove

Pontiac 1962 P/8 Circulaire A.C. – (one groove) – earliest keyway call out

Pully is 1 groove  2-7/8” O.D.  Stamped 7 with  no keyway

Replaced 3788208 on 08/66  Replaced by 1949355 on 11/66

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