1959-1964 General Motors NOS Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit GM # 5461817


This new old stock brake master cylinder rebuild kit was manufactured by General Motors for use on the following models:

Buick 1961 All with Bendix master cylinder,

Chevrolet 1959-1962 All with Standard Brakes,

Chevrolet 1959-1962 All with P.B. and Moraine master cylinder,

Chevrolet 1960-1962 Corvair All,

Chevrolet 1962-1963 Corvair All except metallic linings,

Chevrolet 1962-1963 Chevy ll All except production Power Brake, All except Metallic linings,

Chevrolet 1962-1963 Corvair F.C. (2nd design),

Chevrolet 1963 All except Metallic linings,

Chevrolet 1963 Chevy ll  All with Moraine P.B.,

Chevrolet 1963 All with standard brakes except Metallic linings,

Chevrolet 1964 All with standard brakes except Metallic linings – 1st design with thumb screw,

Oldsmobile 1959-1961 All,

Pontiac 1959-1963 70 with standard brakes,

Acadian 1962-1963 All except P.B.,

Acadian  1962 All with Moraine P.B.

Replaces 5456808  Replaced by 5462834

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