1982-1987 General Motors NOS Oil Pressure Gauge Sensor GM # 14040816


This new old stock 80 psi oil pressure gauge sensor manufactured by General Motors for use on the following models:

incomplete application

Chevrolet 1982-1984 X  with gauges, 

Chevrolet 1982-1984 Camaro (F) (2.8S, 1, 305H)  with gauges, 

Chevrolet 1983-1984 X  (2.8X) with gauges, 

Chevrolet 1985 G (4.3Z) GA, RALLY GA

Chevrolet 1985 X  (2.8W, X) with gauges (U21, U22), 

Chevrolet 1986 G U39,

Chevrolet 1986-1987 Camaro (F)  (2.8S) with gauges, 

Oldsmobile 1982 J  (1.8G) with gauges, 

Oldsmobile 1984 J  (2.0B, P) with gauges, 

Oldsmobile 1985 J  (2.8W, 2.0P) with gauges (21), 

Oldsmobile 1986 J  (2.0P) with gauges (21), 

Oldsmobile 1986 JD27  (2.0P)

Oldsmobile 1986 JD69  (2.0P) with gauges (21), 

Oldsmobile 1986 JD77  (2.8W),

Pontiac 1982 J  (1.8G) with gauges,

Pontiac 1984 J  (2.0B, P) with gauges,

Pontiac 1985-1986 J   (2.0P) with gauges

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in